Adriane R wiltse

Mixed Media Artist

Art has the power to cross cultures, heal, and evoke the entire range of emotions. Visual art has not only been a tool for my personal healing; Art saved my life.

Art is my way of communicating and through it, I have become a storyteller. This is sometimes expressed by placing paint on a canvas or by empowering someone to tell their own story with support from my jewelry. From my experience of surviving domestic violence, I believe when we tell our story, we can heal ourselves and ultimately we heal each other. My work revolves around reoccurring themes of transformation, reclaiming one's power and empowering others

For centuries men have painted and depicted women however they saw fit. My acrylic paintings and mixed media pieces work to reclaim the human form by exploring what it means to be female in the 21st century. I choose to use myself as a model, examining how I see the female form or how I desire to be portrayed. Using color and form, I create each piece to embody and communicate emotions ranging from strength, joy or vulnerability. I want to redefine what it means to love yourself, be sexy, fun or anything you see fit, based on the idea of owning self-expression.

My jewelry is inspired by formal engineering education, the duality found throughout life and the juxtaposition of curvilinear forms found in nature versus the geometry of my current city skyline. Each piece of jewelry is created with the intention of empowering the wearer to tell their story. Natural gemstones, just like all of us, are full of energy so each piece is hand selected not only for its beauty but for its energy and intention.

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Brand Design by Veronica Ramos

Photo Credit by David Tong